COVID-19 Mis/Disinformation on WhatsApp

In times of social distancing and lockdown as a result of the global COVID-19 outbreak, digital media have become all the more central to our everyday lives. They enable us to communicate and stay connected with others without spatial or temporal constraints (as I am doing through this blog post), to learn, and to entertainContinue reading “COVID-19 Mis/Disinformation on WhatsApp”

#HateIsAVirus: Talking about COVID-19 ‘Hate’

A recent report by moonshot found that there has been a 300% rise in hashtags on Twitter that “encourage or incite violence against China and Chinese people”. The tech company analyzed 193,000 COVID-19 related tweets between Feb 21 and Apr 17, 2020, and generated the top 10 English hashtags that potentially encourage violence or ‘hate’.Continue reading “#HateIsAVirus: Talking about COVID-19 ‘Hate’”

Is the war rhetoric around Covid-19 an Anglo-American thing?

Reading the news reporting on Covid-19 in the British media, one cannot but be struck by the use of metaphors of war. We are literally ‘bombarded’ with them every day. As soon as it became obvious that the new coronavirus poses a serious threat to the public health in Britain, newspapers across the country wereContinue reading “Is the war rhetoric around Covid-19 an Anglo-American thing?”